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A white woman smiles at the camera and makes a peace sign while holding an award.
Did Trump say we've been waging an all out war on democracy?
A rumor compared acrilane or acrylamide levels in McDonald's french fries versus cigarettes.
A rumor said that Disney+ had lost 23 million subscribers overnight or in one night simply for trying to cancel Elon Musk.
Former President Donald Trump
A video purportedly showed an Israeli person driving a hatchback car and striking two children who were reportedly throwing rocks.
This photo is rumored to be the horngus of a dongfish.
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A meme says, "This is what happens when you drink a glass of red wine." Directly blow it is a glass of red wine. Clockwise around the meme, it gives the reasons to drink red wine are to warm up, heart health, look good, fight sickness, burn fate, and better sleep. Underneath the headings are further information about them.
A Facebook hoax claimed that to regain friends in your news feed and get rid of ads, copy and paste some text into a post to upgrade the system, then say hello new and old friends.
This picture of Barack and Michelle Obama was doctored to give Michelle male features and pushed the debunked conspiracy theory that her name is Michael.
An ad said to always place a toilet paper roll under the toilet seat at night and promised to say why but did not.
A rumor said that Starbucks had lost 12 billion dollars due to boycotts and its purported support for Israel.