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Our mission endures due to generous support from readers like you.

We know you count on Snopes to provide the unvarnished truth, and it’s our mission to deliver the facts – without fear or favor. As the internet’s oldest fact-checking website, we have become an indispensable resource to people around the world.

One of the defining characteristics of Snopes is our independence. We are financially self-sustaining, mainly through our ad revenues and small contributions. Thanks to the generous support of our members, Snopes is not reliant on any single donor or foundation, and we transparently report any contributions we receive over a certain amount.

Whether debunking rumors, unmasking political disinformation campaigns, or confirming that someone really did say that, we stop at nothing to get to the truth. We greatly appreciate your support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? Review our responses to your most common inquiries below, and get in touch with us for anything not covered.


What is a Snopes Membership, and what are its perks?

A membership to Snopes is commitment to an ongoing relationship and between Snopes and you. With your backing, we fearlessly report the fact-checks. By joining with a monthly, yearly, or even lifetime membership, you’ll receive our exclusive, members-only Snopes Digest newsletter and gain access to ad-free browsing on

You’ll also have the satisfaction of supporting the truth in our time of need. The membership perks are added to your existing Snopes account, which are free to create — but you’ll need a membership to make the most of it.

I’m already a member. What happens if I purchase a membership?

Thank you for your support! We would not be here without you. Seriously. Rating: True.

If you’re already a member, you won’t need to pay again until you are due to renew. If a new purchase comes with a fixed membership, we’ll extend your membership term accordingly.

Can I cancel my Snopes membership?

If you are making recurring payments for a Snopes Membership, you can cancel at any time by visiting the account page.

If you make monthly contributions that did not include membership, you will need to contact us directly to cancel the charges. If the charges are through PayPal, then you contact us or can cancel from within your PayPal account.

General Questions

When will my perks and rewards arrive?

Your membership and ad-free Snopes experience should be available immediately.

Any physical reward bundled with memberships will have a estimated fulfillment schedule listed on the campaign page. If we run into any delays, we will keep you updated at the email address you provided at checkout.

Any items ordered from the Snopes Store can arrive two to four weeks after your purchase date.

Is Snopes becoming a paid service?

Snopes is not becoming a paid service, but by supporting Snopes with a membership, you gain access to exclusive benefits through your Snopes Account. These include ad-free browsing and the Snopes Digest, a members only newsletter. Currently, all online articles and fact checks remain free.

What payment methods are accepted?

Membership purchases can be made with most major credit cards and PayPal.

Purchases from the Snopes Store, including one-time contributions, can be made with made with most major credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, Facebook Pay, and ShopPay.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Past membership payments are final and non-refundable.

If you make a one-time contribution, you will only be charged the amount you choose once. Like the individual membership payments, one-time contributions are final and non-refundable.

For other types of purchases, please check out our full return policy.

How do you handle my personal data?

We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent or manage your preferences at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our marketing emails, or by contacting us.

We use email and targeted online advertising to send you product and services updates, promotional offers, and other marketing communications based on the information we collect about you, such as your email address, general location, and purchase and website browsing history.

We’ll never share your email with anyone else without your permission.


I really want to help out with a larger contribution to keep you all going. How can I do that?

We would really appreciate your help. Contact us to get the conversation started.

Are contributions to Snopes tax-deductible?

Your support of Snopes does not constitute charitable giving, and your contribution is not eligible for a tax-deduction. However, it does enable Snopes to continue bringing you essential fact-checking to combat misinformation.

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